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Putumayo World Music: One World, Many Cultures
Putumayo World Music: One World, Many Cultures
Putumayo World Music: One World, Many Cultures
Item#: one-world-many-cultures-cd
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Product Description
Putumayo World Music: One World, Many Cultures. A multicultural collaboration featuring many of the world's leading musicians including Cheb Mami with Ziggy Marley, Toots and the Maytals with Willie Nelson, Taj Mahal and others.

Music has the capacity to transcend all borders and languages. Over the years, Putumayo World Music has introduced audiences to collections of exceptional music from around the globe, proving that no matter how diverse, all people share this common bond. If music is the universal language, artists like Youssou N’Dour, Willie Nelson, Ziggy Marley, Taj Mahal and others featured on One World, Many Cultures demonstrate the unique ability of musicians from different cultures to speak with a common tongue. This album is a celebration of musical and cultural diversity.

“These days, musicians from around the world are collaborating at unprecedented levels,” says Dan Storper, President and founder of Putumayo World Music. “Everyone from Sting to Springsteen, Mick Jagger to Aerosmith has collaborated with world music musicians. One of Putumayo’s goals has been to introduce people to other cultures as a way of helping to overcome prejudice and bring people of different backgrounds together. Nothing accomplishes this goal like music, and we hope that this collection reinforces that idea.”